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     Standing Construction Corporation is a family owned and operated general contracting company experienced in all phases of residential and light commercial construction. Located in the city of Virginia Beach, the company is owned and operated by brothers Patrick "Trick" Standing and John "Jay" Standing. The two brothers combined have over 40 years of hands on construction and construction property management.

Whether it is your dream home you are looking to build, your new office building or even your new addition to your existing home, Standing Construction Corporation is ready to put their experience and attention to detail to work for you.

Give us a call on your next project. You will see why we are one of the areas premier builders!






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Buckeye Candy Recipe Without Paraffin - Buckeye Candy Recipe Without Paraffin -
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Buckeye Candy Recipe Without Paraffin - Buckeye Candy Recipe Without Paraffin - Buckeye Candy Recipe Without Paraffin - Koi Pond Central: koi pond supplies and accessories - pond filter, bead filter, pond pumps, pond design
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The Cetus Sieve traps fish waste and other debris using a stainless steel 300 micron bow screen. Quality built and the best of its kind pre-filter to benefit and improve water quality and performance of any biological filter . This simple technology out performs other pre-filters and in a smaller space. MORE ->

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Nothing seems to soothe the soul better then the sight and sound of moving water in your yard or garden. Waterfalls and streams add an extra dimension to the experience of a pond, and considerably enhance the overall appeal of the pond.

Waterfalls also provide a bio-filtration benefit as nitrifying bacteria becomes embedded on stones; thus duplicating some of nature's own design. The closer to mother nature's design we achieve, the better our results are in maintaining a balanced eco system. This results in less maintenance, optimum water quality, and healthier fish.pond supplies

Moving water helps oxygenate the water, facilitates gas exchange from water, and powers your filtering system. The equipment used is very important to the overall experience in pond keeping. Nothing is more frustrating than needing to replace equipment that doesn't deliver the results needed for your situation. Research is often the cure for a successful end result.

Koi Pond Central has performed much of the research for you. It is our desire to share this information with other pond hobbyists, along with providing quality proucts that have been tried or researched to determine their ability to achieve optimum results. So many products are available on the market today that end up being confusing as to which choice is the best.

With over 40 years of experience, we, at Koi Pond Central, hope to provide information and products that will enable you to build and maintain your pond right. Consider looking in Pond Design for valuable pond design information. Another valuable web site for pond filtering system configuration design is . Feel free to call our toll free number for any information or for ordering.

Best of Koi to you!

Thanks so much for helping me Bill. I couldn't be happier with my Advantage Bead and Glass filter! I now have excellent water quality and clarity. The Variable speed Dial A Flow pump has saved us $600 so far in our electrical bill over last year and the first year isn't even over yet! I am so happy I did this!
                                             Marty B. WA


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Our past contractor knowledge, experience, and building Koi ponds for over 40 years is a free advise service to you. We can help you or your contractor build your pond right. We're waiting for your call. We can help!


People need to know that there is someone out there who cares, and is willing to take time in this fast-paced world of ours.

I want to thank you for taking the time to explain a few things to me. Its nice to find someone who truly cares about the quality of the ponds his customer is installing.

  Sue, from Massachusetts   

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*a small amount of paraffin wax added to the chocolate mixture will give the buckeyes a glossier look. most buckeye candy purchased from stores use this wax to improve the appearance, but it is my contention that as a home recipe, the buckeye candies are better without the wax.

8. buckeye candy blend butter, peanut butter and melt chocolates and paraffin over hot water. dip balls in chocolate using a toothpick so they look like buckeyes. ingredients: 7 (chips .. vanilla ) home > recipes > buckeyes without using paraffin new recipes - contribute your recipe,1-0,buckeyes_without_using_p

10. buckeye candy mix together first 3 ingredients melt paraffin and chocolate chips in double broiler. dip to give as gifts. ingredients: 5 (chips .. sugar new recipes - contribute your recipe,1-0,buckeye_candy_no_chocola

This is done to make them look like the nut of the buckeye tree, which just happens to be the state tree of ohio. so popular are "buckeyes" in ohio that i recently read in the the cleveland dealer that a ohio state versus michigan game wouldn't be complete without this candy. peanut butter balls recipe & photo

1/2 bar edible paraffin wax*; i've never had a buckeye candy, but my dad has a couple buckeye trees in his backyard. i might give this a try for a holiday party, but i think i'll leave the wax out of the recipe. should be easy enough to would tempering the chocolate before dipping stabilize it without requiring wax? also,

Here is a recipe sent to us by stephanie. she said “i saw your site and decided to share my recipe for buckeye candy with you these are good everyone loves them”; thanks to carla hall – she has tried this recipe and they are great! and, this recipe that does not use the paraffin wax in it.

Candy buckeyes are named after the shiny, dark nuts of the buckeye tree-the official state tree for ohio. buckeye candies, version #2 - this recipe won't be like reece cups. using confectioners' sugar it remains a bit slimy tasting. its your choice. ingredients: . centers; 2 cups sifted confectioner's sugar;




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